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What happens at your visit?

Prior to your visit with us you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire which will help us to gain an accurate understanding on your current health status.

Once in the clinic, we will discuss your health concerns and health goals before commencing our diagnostic testing. All consultations have Live & Dried Blood Analysis as standard.

To perform a Live & Dried Blood Analysis we take a small finger-prick of blood and place it under a high magnification (400X) microscope. We can assess many factors in Live Blood including the degree of inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, gut microbiome imbalances, environmental toxicity & the quality of your immune system to name a few.

A second drop of blood is left to coagulate and dry before being examined. This form of blood testing looks at many elements and closely to the degree of oxidative stress or put simply, how quickly the body is ageing. 

A first morning urine sample (mid stream) is supplied by you in order to determine the acid/alkaline state of your body. This is done with a simple pH dip stick and provides accurate information on how hard the body is working to eliminate acid waste.


The presentation of the blood and its elements, from both aspects of testing, coupled with your potential symptomatic presentation forms the basis for which we can determine the underlying factors that are contributing to your current state of health.  

We may also call on additional diagnostic techniques such as Iridology, Food Intolerance Testing, Hormone Testing among others to further determine the cause of your health issues.

From this analysis we can then look to developing a suitable treatment regime specific to addressing the cause.

Your symptoms are not your illness, your cause is. 

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