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What happens at your visit?

Prior to your visit with us you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire which will help us to gain an accurate perspective on your current health status.

Once in the clinic, we will discuss your health concerns and goals of treatment before commencing a series of diagnostic tests.

To perform a Live Blood Analysis we take a small finger-prick of blood and place it under a high magnification microscope.  

A second drop of blood is allowed to coagulate before being examined (Joel is one of only 2 Dry Blood analysts in Australia).

The composition of the blood and health of the cells, when taken into consideration alongside your other test results and symptomatic presentation, assists us to determine the underlying factors that are contributing to your current health status.  

We may also call on additional diagnostic techniques such as Iridology, Kinesiology or Body Composition testing to further analyse the cause of your symptoms and presentation.

Your symptoms are not your illness. We aim to correct the underlying cause. 

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