Joel Coughlan Naturopathic

Our aim is to provide you with natural alternatives for your family’s primary health concerns. We assess your cellular health through a series of diagnostic tests, designed to help identify the causes to your current state of well-being. Once this is established we tailor a natural health regime to correct the underlying causes, and work together to help you achieve your birthright of optimum health & vitality!

Live & Coagulated Blood Analysis

PH testing

VLA Body Composition

& Bio-aging Scans

Allergy & Intolerance Testing



Identifying Drivers to Your Dis/ease


Hormonal Imbalances,

Nutritional Deficiencies

Gut Health & Microbiome Imbalances

Food Intolerances/Sensitivities

Liver Stress/Toxicity 

Environmental Toxicity

Unresolved Infections

Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Dysfunction

Mood, Stress and Behaviour Management

Objective Tests

Immediate Results


Live & Dried Blood Analysis (finger prick only)

Acid/Alkaline Screening

Body Composition Analysis

Cellular Health and Bio-Impedance Analysis

Hormone and Heavy Metal Screening


taking a sample

Let me guide you to better health, naturally!

Joel Coughlan ND


Naturopath, Nutritionist 

Live & Dried Blood Analyst, 


Western Herbal Medicine

Nutritional Therapy 

Mineral Therapy


Bach Flower Essences 

Essential Oil Therapy



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Joel is a 3rd generation Naturopath with over 15 years clinical experience. From the time Joel was born he was immersed in a world of natural health and healing. Read more... 

What People Say:

Following Joel's recommendations have led me to happier and healthier lifestyle! Joel was able pinpoint exactly what my body needed or was lacking in which was huge relief after years of continuing problems and no answers.
He is a genuine, passionate and happy guy which can be hard to come by these days!